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Tired of wasting time, energy and cash?

Unsure of where to start or which tools to use or how to implement them for your company's success? Say goodbye to frustration and hello to rapid profitability and freedom of time with the only AI course to scale online businesses with mentorship. Take the leap towards your unstoppable success!

AI Course For Online Businesses

I'm here to give it to you straight

Hey there, I'm Nidhima Kohli, your AI business strategist specialising in AI for business growth.

I'm hands on and we are going to dive into transforming your business (and life) with AI! We'll implement the tools together, so there is no more guessing, fiddling or procrastination.

Plus, I'll be there to guide you with expert business mentorship every step of the way.

A little about me 1st:

  • Serial Tech and AI entrepreneur, 13 years experience.
  • Built 3 businesses from bootstrapped to 32m customers and being private equity backed.
  • Prior 7 years experience working in FTSE 100 companies.
  • Won the AI Award for Europe 2019, the European Innovation Award at the UK Parliament and Top 100 Innovations in GCC in 2023.
  • Mentor and advisor at some of the top Tech accelerators (i.e. Techstars), Private Equity companies (i.e. Permira) and corporates (i.e. Ogilvy).
  • Global AI Keynote speaker for business growth from San Fransisco to London to Paris and Singapore.

So guess what? I have been in your shoes and therefore know how to help you!

Get the 6 Pillars for AI success with step by step business guidance

I'm a straight shooter and I’ll give you exclusive insights into efficiencies, tools, and automations to amplify your impact as an AI-Powered Entrepreneur. Get ready to transform your life and business with AI.


Who is it for:

  • Startup founders
  • C-Suite Executives from Corporates
  • Online businesses
  • People who want work life balance
  • People who want to 10x their profitability

Who is it not for:

  • People who have a lifestyle business and are not looking to grow it further
  • People not looking to grow productivity
  • Businesses without any online presence
  • People who expect this to be just a lecture. It's practical and hands on

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See what others have to say

"Prior to meeting Nidhima, my business faced challenges with overwhelming uncertainty. However, in just a short period, she orchestrated a transformation, providing me with a clear roadmap, achievable goals, and the ideal tools.

Through her guidance, I learned that what once seemed like a year-long endeavour could be achieved in just a few months, significantly reducing costs. Nidhima's expertise as a startup superhero, coupled with her AI knowledge, proved invaluable. I am now thriving in my business and getting closer to launch, all thanks to her. If you're seeking a business and AI expert for your startup, look no further than Nidhima!"

Carolin Baumgartner, Founder of a career matching service

"After launching my website and Instagram page, I felt stuck and disappointed when customers didn't come flooding in. That's when I connected with Nidhima Kohli, the AI business strategist, and everything changed.

With her ready-made solutions and AI expertise, my business growth and strategy has skyrocketed, and costs and costs have significantly cut. No more overwhelming tools – just practical ones that work even for non-tech-savvy people like me.

Nidhima's guidance has transformed my business and life forever, revealing the true power of AI. I'm now confidently navigating the world of AI tools, all thanks to her!"

Leila Ahmed, Founder of Beck & Doodle, sustainable baby clothes

"I really enjoyed it. I am the anomaly among entrepreneurs of not really understanding AI (don't have a tech background) so I found this so interesting and eye-opening to see what can be done. I am going to look into the tools"

Baillie, Founder of Being in Between

"I was one of those awful people who had their camera off, but basically  I was in the park sat in a corner and watched/ listened to your session. Really practical. Really direct - loved how you spoke about it - right paced - everything was great - thanks so much - I am already using the plug in and got sales looking at your suggestions!"

Jamie, Co-Founder of Deployed

"I enjoyed learning about your use of the tools and have already sent some tools to my marketing team to implement and use"

Eugene, Founder of Parkopedia

"Nidhima’s course provides great actionable insights into a range of AI tools tailored to real business cases which makes it easy to implement straight away"

Rajeeb, Co-Founder of Learnerbly

"Nidhima’s expert knowledge of AI tools has helped us drive growth. Her guidance, coupled with her insights into the challenges founders experience, has been invaluable. Her webinar was really helpful and we can’t wait to try the additional tools she has bought to our attention"

Laura, Founder of Inside Out

"I found the session to be really good because of all the practical tips and also because it was straight to the point and concise with real life examples. Incorporating AI is definitely a game changer for entrepreneurs"

Evgeny, Founder of Makers and Startup Founder Coach

"As someone who’s new to direct marketing, Nidhima’s course was eye opening as to what tools were available and how much I could do with so little effort"

Peter, Founder of Intentional.io

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